Adam Layton Runs His First 6 and Takes Top Bike Silver at Santo’s Summer Thunder

January 23, 2018: Top Bike rider Adam Layton had a huge weekend at Sydney Dragway during the Santo’s Summer Thunder on January 19 & 20.

Not only did he run into the sixes for the first time, but his nitro-burning Top Fuel Harley-Davidson also recorded a personal-best ET of 6.49 seconds, smashing his previous PB of 7.01 seconds.

Layton then topped it off with a runner-up finish that moved him into second place in the 400 Thunder Top Bike championships!

Leading up to the event, the Panel Show TV crew dropped into the APL Performance Bikes shop for an exclusive interview. It was lights, make-up, cameras and action with host presenter Rob Oberg interviewing Layton one-on-one. Then on Thursday morning it was another appearance on the show as a prequel to the Santo’s Summer Thunder event. Head to for more info or

Later that night it was time to burn some nitro at Sydney Dragway’s Bike Night when Layton and Mark Drew paired up for a grudge race.

“This was a good promotional opportunity to showcase our nitro-burning Top Fuel motorcycle to the crowd,” said Layton. Many of them have never seen a nitro H-D, let alone sniffed nitro, so it was a win-win for our sponsors, the track, the sport and us.

Friday was Day 1 of the Santo’s Summer Thunder. The first test run saw the APL Performance Bikes Harley head towards the right hand lane wall, leaving Layton with no option but to shut off early and roll through in16-second. The next run was slightly better recording an 8.74 timeslip.

On Saturday Layton came out around midday for a run and stunned everyone with a 6.499 ET at 187.70 mph [302.07kph]. This not only moved him up into second place, but it was his quickest pass ever, and his first six-second run.

“Wow”, said a happy Layton. I’ve always known the bike had the performance potential, but to go that quick in these hot conditions is a testimony to my crew and the effort they put in.

“In the deep end it felt quick and I rolled off the throttle early. I was thinking maybe a high six, but this just blew me away. It took a bit of muscle to pull the bike up, ending up just short of the sandpit.

“I had no idea of the time but I sure saw a lot of stunned looking officials. IHRA Australia manager Maurice Allen came up and said what do you think you just run. I said no idea. He then told me and I just about fell off my bike! I’ve always known this bike has the potential to run the numbers but I sure wasn’t expecting a .49!”

Layton’s first pass in the three round All-Run format was a solo when Mark Drew wasn’t able to start his bike. The APL Performance Bikes Harley carried the front wheel but then dropped a cylinder and slowed to a 6.978 at 168.94 mph [271.88kph] for the win.

The second round was messy when Layton rolled the beams going into stage. He was pulled back for another shot at the tree, while Barchet’s nitrous Suzuki stalled and was out.

Layton left on the green and went through in 7.13 seconds but had a wrestle on his hands as the bike moved close to the centerline. Unfortunately he lost the battle and took out the timing blocks, so neither rider receiving any points.

Moving into the A Final, the pairing featured Matheson and Barchet, when it should have been Layton. An error in the points tally was the cause thus mixing up the pairings.

As such, Layton took on Drew for the B Final. On the green Drew was out first with a .060 reaction and looked to have the race in the bag until his bike crossed the centerline and took out the timing blocks. This stopped Layton’s clocks early handing him a fake 6.292 ET at 184.90 mph. Drew’s 6.57 was disqualified.

“It was not the way I wanted to finish the weekend as it would have been great to line up against Chris [Matheson],” said Layton. In the end when the dust had settled I still picked up championship points and my second silver 400 Thunder trophy, so I’m happy with the outcome.”

“On behalf of Adam Layton Motorsport I would like to thank my crew, family, and all our awesome sponsors including Gulf Western Oils, Yuasa Century Batteries, Polaris, Dunlop Tyres, Autolite Spark Plus, Sydney Custom Spraypainting. I really appreciate your support!

“Can’t say enough about the fans. I had a great time meeting you all during the autograph session on Saturday. It had a blast and appreciated your kind words of support. Means a lot to me!

“Special mention to the Sydney Dragway officials for their hard work and giving us a great track despite the extreme heat. Speaking of heat cheers to Actron Air for keeping me cool with their fantastic Aussie product,” grinned Layton.

Chris Matheson leads the 400 Thunder Top Bike Championship points after three rounds with 287, followed by Adam Layton on 169. Coming in third is Chris Porter on 150. The next round will be held at Perth Motorplex on March 3-4 with the Mac Track Westernationals.

Adam Layton Motorsport Sponsors
APL Performance Bikes, Gulf Western Oils, Yuasa Century Batteries, Dunlop, Actron Air, Costi Farms, Jims, S&S Performance, Forkbiz, Autolite Spark Plugs, Bell Helmets, Freightliner, Kraft Werks, TPP Clutches, Powerflow Heads, Burleigh Bars, Polaris, Sydney Custom Spraypainting, Alpinestar Boots and Bob Molloy USA.

Photo by John Baremans


Adam Layton Looking To Go One Step Further At Santo’s Summer Thunder

January 16th, 2018: Australia’s newest Top Fuel Harley motorcycle sensation Adam Layton is looking to go one step further at this weekends Santo’s Summer Thunder championship drag racing event at Sydney Dragway.
Last time out Layton went through to the Top Bike final in November at the AC Delco East Coast Thunder event. The nitro rookie faced off against fellow Harley-Davidson racer Chris Porter and gave the drag racing fans a race they wouldn’t forget in a while.
In what was his first ever Top Bike final, Layton and Porter both had a wild ride after leaving the line. Looking at the video replay it looked like they nearly touched each other in the middle of the track!
“I was pretty excited to be racing in my first Top Bike final and let me tell you the nerves were running wild,” said Layton.
Earlier Porter defeated the Nitro Voodoo bike of Chris Matheson in the first round while Layton had a solo run when Neville Smith couldn’t get to the startline.
Layton continued, “I went into the final confident the bike could produce a good 6.60 pass. But I hurt my hand back in the pits which took away some of my focus on being my first final up against a former Australian Top Bike champ.
“I was considering shutting down but when I went into the staging lights I went for it. The bike left hard and before I knew it I was moving to the middle of the track. My reaction to straighten it up should have been quicker.
“Chris was ahead of me when I moved over the centerline and I hit the timing blocks. This was an automatic disqualification and handed Porter the win.
“Congrats to Chris and his team on the win. It was an ugly run for me but when I came back up the return road I was shocked with the reaction I got from the fans. And then I did an interview on the startline and got to see the run for the first time and thought wow that was cool.”
The Santo’s Summer Thunder race features Rd 3 of the 2017/18 Top Bike 400 Thunder Championship. Layton picked up 87 points for his finish in Sydney and currently sits in fourth position.
“If all goes well this weekend I hope to improve on my points standings,” said Layton. “I’d like nothing more to bring home a win for my sponsors and team. It’s going to be a race not to miss with heavy hitters Matheson and Mark Drew also potential winners.
“I’ve got a fantastic crew and we are looking forward to putting a great show for my sponsors and fans.
“Make sure you stop by in our pits as we have grouped together alongside Porter and Drew and it will bring tears to your eyes when we fire up the bikes on nitro prior to going out onto the track. We are positioned near the Gulf Western Oils pit area featuring Team Bray.”

Thanks to all my fantastic sponsors, family and fans.

Adam Layton Motorsport Sponsors

APL Performance Bikes, Gulf Western Oils, Yuasa Century Batteries, Dunlop, Actron Air, Costi Farms, Jims, S&S Performance, Forkbiz, Autolite Spark Plugs, Bell Helmets, Freightliners, Kraft Werks, TPP Clutches, Powerflow Heads, Burleigh Bars, and Bob Molloy USA.

Photo by John Baremans